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About Sabra Style
Sabra Style aspires to be ambassadors for hand selected products rich in symbolism and integrity, revealing the hidden potential and creativity of a people with resilient character opening doors of honest trade while elevating Israel’s image.

We believe this is key to the economic well being of the nation on a grass roots level, and will nourish relationships between consumers world wide and the Sabra Israeli. Sabra Style is part of a solution advancing Israel in the economic spotlight.

Sabra Joines – CEO

Sabra owned a successful business, Serendipity, and brings with her over 22 years experience in the backgrounds of visual merchandising, marketing and interior decorating, and is actively fusing her skill sets, lending her long-honed expertise to help support the realization of a vibrant and secure Israel.

Sabra is one of the visionaries who has caught a glimpse of the potential that was born out of the adversity in the Promised Land and has now turned her attention to what Israel is becoming: a light unto the nations. Out of the contrast, the purity of a new idea, thus Sabra Style is born. Sabra stands in her passion for no other reason than this is an expression of who she is.

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